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After over 25 years of serving as a last resort for Bay Area Social Service agency gift giving to needy seniors, a shortage of funds requires that we suspend accepting all applications EFFECTIVE January 15, 2018. It is our hope that fund raising efforts will allow us to continue this one of a kind giving program in the future.


We wish to continue SFFF giving for many years, however this action is necessary for longer term survival of the foundation.

Please Help Us Re-Establish Funding to Seniors in Need


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Executive Director:

Beryl Kay

The San Francisco Family Foundation (SFFF)


The San Francisco Family Foundation has been providing funds anonymously to qualifying elderly individuals of the Bay Area since 1990. The service we provide is simple yet unique and most importantly we fill a niche - as our help we give to seniors is not readily available from any other sources.


We are looking for those individuals who now have little or no means - and cannot be provided for by any other case management social service agencies -- Individuals, who during their lifetimes have shown personal involvement in unselfishly giving of themselves. SFFF is looking for those who project a simple goodness (outside of family members).


We at SFFF believe strongly in what we call the "Domino Effect".


Examples of the "Domino Effect":


It is as simple as one act of kindness which encourages other acts of kindness. There was a woman of little means who felt impassioned and had the vision of building a community swimming pool for little children in an impoverished neighborhood. It took some 10 years, yet she accomplished her dream. She started out wondering how she could raise money and figured out that she could collect cans for a recycling program. So she began, by herself, collecting cans and bottles around her home town. Finally other people in the community took notice of this lady's message out there with her cart. They became inspired after hearing her story about her dream of building a community swimming pool for underprivileged children. Soon everyone was collecting cans and bottles and giving her the money. Today the swimming pool stands as a symbol of how a simple act of kindness from the heart of an individual can perpetuate the "Domino Effect".


Another example is the story of a professional healer who had dropped his practice as he did not have enough money for his medications. After receiving our grant he went on to heal countless others. A good image and another example of the "Domino Effect".


How do we find these unique seniors? We find them through case management social service agencies of the San Francisco Bay Area. We deeply appreciate how the Social Worker must walk the extra mile and go so many steps further to find these outstanding individuals. We believe good perpetuates good - a kind of conduit that begins a momentum - a motion for others to emulate.


I want to leave with you with the imagery of personal involvement. Someone who helps a blind neighbor and brings food to them. Someone, who in his earlier years, took care of a homeless person. Someone who helps the "Domino Effect" expand the kindness to all.


 - Gail Gordon President


San Francisco Family Foundation, 2269 Chestnut Street, #255, San Francisco, CA 94123

Fax #: 415-922-5717