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After over 25 years of serving as a last resort for Bay Area Social Service agency gift giving to needy seniors, a shortage of funds requires that we suspend accepting all applications EFFECTIVE January 15, 2018. It is our hope that fund raising efforts will allow us to continue this one of a kind giving program in the future.


We wish to continue SFFF giving for many years, however this action is necessary for longer term survival of the foundation.

Please Help Us Re-Establish Funding to Seniors in Need


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Beryl Kay



The San Francisco Family Foundation (SFFF) awards grants to individual seniors identified by representatives of case management social service agencies in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. SFFF requests that the source of the grant be anonymous to each recipient.


Low income applicants must meet the following conditions:


1. Applicants must be in need of financial assistance which cannot be met by other agencies or resources, including family resources.


2. Grants are awarded ONLY to people who during their lifetimes (outside of paid employment and family) have shown personal involvement in unselfishly giving of themselves. Applicants must be 62 years of age or older.


Applications are considered monthly. The deadline is the 5th of each month.


All applications must be submitted on an SFFF application form. Applications may be for a lump sum or for periodic payments of up to twelve months. Renewal applications are discouraged but may be submitted for consideration after twelve months. It is acceptable for an agency to submit requests for more than one client. Agencies may submit as many applications as they wish. The most numerous reason for rejection in that the person does not meet the criteria of helping others.


Examples of recent grants have included funding for: basic home repairs, furnishings and appliances, purchase of necessary medical equipment and pharmaceutical supplies, home help, home care ,clothing, dental work, adult day health care fees, move-in deposits, storage and moving costs, pre-paid burial fees, telephone expenses to stay in touch with friends and family, as well as other programs which enable people to continue their daily routines and/or live in their own homes, and/or enhance the quality of life in their later years, or assist in coping with emergencies.


We will review each application carefully, and after thoughtful consideration will send an email .. We ask that these guidelines, and the application form, be reviewed thoroughly before submitting an application. If you have questions on these guidelines, please email us at:



San Francisco Family Foundation, 2269 Chestnut Street, #255, San Francisco, CA 94123

Fax #: 415-922-5717