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must be 62 or older


Please describe in detail how this person has helped others (neighbors and strangers). Emphasis should show personal involvement with helping those in need. Assistance to family members and paid employment do not qualify as volunteer experience. Please describe in detail the applicant's individual (NON GROUP participation) volunteer activities and interactions with those they help. Special emphasis is placed on what we call "the domino effect", where the changes people make lead to a momentum resulting in further positive action.


Please give dates for volunteer service and number of hours per week.

Please give number of hours worked per week

Please state (if applicable) why the applicant is no longer helping others.

Please state applicant's income and give a brief description of the need for financial assistance.

1.State if applicant has family or other financial assistance available and why it is not sufficient.

2.State why family or other assistance is not available. Describe in detail.


If approved, to whom should checks be payable?

Please provide (email, mail or fax) copies of estimates and invoices to substantiate the requested amount.

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