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San Francisco

Family Foundation


Tel: 415-922-4091

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2269 Chestnut Street, #255

San Francisco, CA 94123


Executive Director:

Beryl Kay


Comments from Agency Representatives San Francisco Family foundation has made an enormous difference in the lives of my clients and in my life as a social worker. I love the day I get to share the good news with my client- that the grant request was approved. Suddenly that unexpected project or bill that they cannot afford is taken care of, and they just cannot believe it! So often the kindness, generosity and acts of service in the lives of older adults, go unnoticed. The foundation rewards these humble heroes. The Foundation over the years has made numerous contributions for services and equipment going to at-risk seniors living below the poverty level. The contributions paid for services which no other agency was willing or able to purchase. Art supplies to a person with a persistent sleep disorder and a psychiatric disability helped to distract him from auditory hallucinations when sleepless, not to mention enabling him to engage in activity which gave his life enormous meaning and satisfaction. Most everyone needs help at one time or another; San Francisco Family Foundation provides invaluable assistance to our community’s volunteers whose ‘good deeds’ have helped so many. When someone hits a bump in the road, SFFF’s offers not only financial help, they provide stress relief when it’s truly needed. Our clients have been so grateful for the generosity of SFFF. As housing costs have risen to crisis levels in the Bay Area, SFFF has provided needed assistance to many of our low income clients. And they have also worked creatively with our Agency to provide assistance in niche areas where no other resources exist, in order to get our client’s needs met. We Case Managers appreciate that the process is also an opportunity for our clients to tell their stories about how they have volunteered, and helped others, in their lifetimes. This allows them to remember and focus on the beautiful and positive aspects of their lives. San Francisco Family Foundation is a pillar in providing financial assistance to people who unselfishly dedicate their time, talent and treasure in helping and changing the lives of other people. The “little important” thing they provided made a huge impact in addressing their urgent need. "Whoever endowed the San Francisco Family Foundation remains a spiritual genius." "SMALL GIFTS MAKING A BIG DIFFERENCE"

San Francisco Family Foundation, 2269 Chestnut Street, #255, San Francisco, CA 94123

Fax #: 415-922-5717